What is Early Check?

What is Early Check?

The goal of Early Check is to find serious health conditions in babies so they can get help sooner.

When babies are born in North Carolina, they get a heel prick to screen for certain health conditions. This is called standard newborn screening (NBS) and is provided by the state of North Carolina. Early Check is a research study that offers additional free screening for around 200 serious health conditions in newborn babies. Early Check tests for some of the same conditions as standard NBS plus many more.

Why should you consider joining?

Knowledge is power. Taking part in Early Check can help you know whether your baby has any of these health conditions. Most babies get a normal result. But if your baby does have one of these conditions, the sooner you know, the better.

The tests are free and painless. The Early Check tests don't require any extra blood to be drawn from your baby or any extra appointments. We use the same blood that is already taken through a heel prick after birth. You can sign up for Early Check online without a doctor.

You can make a difference. By taking part in Early Check, you’ll help us learn the best ways to identify health conditions in babies early, which can improve the lives of babies everywhere.

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